Rampant is a Korean horror film that deals with both a political coup and a zombie style plague that threatens to bring about the end of the world. It is set during Korea’s feudal period.

A king who has lost his way and given in to the will of his advisors see his own son, the crown prince, turn against him in an effort to restore the kingdom to what it once was.

The crown prince takes his own life so that those he has led against his father may be spared. His younger brother returns to the kingdom because he has received a letter from the crown prince asking him to come and see her safely away from the danger she is in.

Upon his arrival, Prince Lee Chung discovers that a plague of demons is spreading through the kingdom. He forced both to confront the growing army of zombie like monsters and the corrupt minister of war who led his father astray.

The movie has much in common with the Korean TV series titled The Kingdom. They share an almost identical plot and zombie like monsters. Rampant was the first of the two to be released in the US at the end of 2018 and The Kingdom followed closely after it in early 2019. It is impossible, at least for me, to say which of the two is superior. Both are shining examples of how Korean horror is far superior to most horror being produced in the US today.

The Kingdom has more depth to its characters being a series with more time to develop them but Rampant is a fun, period based zombie romp that can’t be ignored as one of the better feudal era zombie films. Its acting and writing are top notch. Rampant, also, doesn’t rely on foul language or sex as crutches. Instead it focuses on having likable characters and amazingly well done action scenes. And unlike the Kingdom, the viewer gets to walk away knowing the ending instead of being forced to wait another season.

Is Rampant a groundbreaking zombie film? Not really. It still relies heavily on some commonly used zombie tropes. However Rampant is a very fun film to watch and a movie that I would highly recommend to any fan of the zombie genre.

Eric S. Brown, of Canton, is the author of numerous books, including the “Bigfoot War” series that is being made into a movie, and “Wars of the Worlds Plus, Blood, Guts and Zombies.” He is a lifelong comic collector and fan.

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