DC's new, live action Swamp Thing series debuted on May 31 with a new episode available each week on the DC Universe app. Before the series' first season had even been completely released, DC announced that Swamp Thing was canceled. This was a heartbreaking blow to fans of the new Swamp Thing.

Unlike many DC movies and live action series, Swamp Thing truly lived up to its hype. The writing, pacing, acting, and special effects of the series were all simply amazing.

Yes, there were some changes made from the original source material such as Madame Xanadu very wrongly being portrayed as an old woman (to the anger of many), Abby not having the trademark streaks of white in her hair and being an agent of the CDC, but overall, the series captured the essence of what the Swamp Thing is meant to be.

It was dark, had some very brutal moments, and stayed true to the hearts of the main characters. In addition, the series' take on the secondary characters of Blue Devil and the Phantom Stranger were pure genius. Blue Devil's alter ego, Daniel Cassiday, is the sort of character on the show that any geek will instantly find like-able.

Ian Ziering's performance in the role was utterly amazing and almost begs for a Blue Devil spinoff series to be produced. Macon Blair is even more impressing in his role as the Phantom Stranger. Of all the characters in the show, Blair's Phantom Stranger perhaps the most spot on to the source material other than the Swamp Thing himself. DC fans will grin with sheer pleasure the first time he appears in the show and the character only gets better from there.

It's truly a sad and horrid thing that the new Swamp Things series was not only cut short to a mere ten episodes but canceled before it had time to fully mature.

Season 1 ends with many unanswered questions for viewers not familiar with the storyline it was based on and concludes with a post credits scene that is pure awesome on numerous levels. Jut like Daredevil on Netflix or Constantine on NBC, this was a series that didn't deserve its cancelation and one that fans hope will return.

Eric S. Brown, of Canton, is the author of numerous books, including the "Bigfoot War" series that is being made into a movie, and "Wars of the Worlds Plus, Blood, Guts and Zombies." He is a lifelong comic collector and fan.

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