The Kingdom

Recently I decided to check out some of Netflix's new zombie series. I wasn't expecting to find anything remarkable, just some fun zombie shows to kill time with. I started with a series entitled Black Summer. It was just another tired zombie show with the same old formula and ending that seemed completely implausible.

Disappointed, I opted to try one more before giving up entirely. I stumbled upon a zombie series entitled The Kingdom. Remembering how well done and powerful Train to Busan had been, I got excited when I saw that it was a Korean horror series. With high hopes, I dived into The Kingdom. It was so amazing and original, I fell instantly in love with it, devouring all six episodes in less than two days.

The Kingdom is set in the medieval time period of Korea and mixes political intrigue with Samurai style action and one of the most original takes on the zombie apocalypse I had seen in years. As the series opens, the king is dead . . . or rather undead. He's become a zombie and his chief minster has locked him away in a power play to claim the throne. The real heir to the throne, Prince Yi Chang, tries to find out what has happened to his father, the king, as no one outside the palace has seen him in over a week. The prince and his loyal, personal guard find themselves on a quest to uncover the truth that leads them to the discovery of a disease that is spreading across the land like wildfire. This disease reanimates the dead at night and instills within them a desire to consume the flesh of the living. A physician's assistant nurse and a mysterious young man, who somehow possesses elite combat training, join the prince and his guard in attempt to expose the truth of what has happened inside the palace and save the land from the new disease threatening to destroy everything in its path.

The cast of the Kingdom deliver powerful and moving performances and the writing of the show is far above anything one normally sees in American produced horror these days. If you're a fan of period piece horror or zombie apocalypse stories that aren't afraid to tread new ground then The Kingdom is truly a must see series. Its second season is slated for an early 2020 release and the first six episodes are still currently available on Netflix.

Eric S. Brown, of Canton, is the author of numerous books, including the "Bigfoot War" series that is being made into a movie, and "Wars of the Worlds Plus, Blood, Guts and Zombies." He is a lifelong comic collector and fan.

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