Wonder Woman: Dark Gods

Wonder Woman: The Dark Gods is the eight trade paperback collecting issues 46-50 and Annual 2 of the current, ongoing series from DC. With the Greek gods departed from Earth and Darkseid defeated, Vol. 8 opens with a story about the Cheetah. She has broken free of the forces containing her for their own evil purposes and is running amok. As Wonder Woman confronts the Cheetah she learns that a new set of gods are on their way to Earth. Their coming is driving tens of thousands insane. The Cheetah escapes Wonder Woman and before Diana can track her down, she is attacked by Supergirl. Claiming that the Kryptonian god Rao is dead, Supergirl tries to kill Wonder Woman in the name of the approaching Dark Gods. An epic battle ensues but Wonder Woman emerges victorious and restrains Supergirl just before these new Dark Gods appear on Earth. Her brother, Jason, having discovered the mysterious armor he was given was designed to combat these new gods arrives to aid her in battle against them. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman is whisked away to the planet of the Star Sapphires where another of the Dark God has appeared. Teaming up with the Star Sapphire corps of Lanterns, Diana defeats the new, evil god of love attacking their world. She is returned to Earth where eventually with the help of her brother defeats the Dark Gods there as well but at a costly and painful price.

This trade paperback of Wonder Woman stories is not lacking in action and its art is on par with most other modern comics though greatly lacking in comparison to the original covers of the comics collected in it. Sadly, there is little chance for the reader to catch a breath between each crisis occurring within it. The overall story lacks the emotional power that many Wonder Woman story arcs possesses despite its ending. Is it worth reading? Yes, if you are a completest. Otherwise, Vol. 8 is one that can be skipped over without losing too much. It is a step down from the Darkseid arc of the previous two collected trades on many levels.

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