asheville gallery Lordeon_Lake Serene_acrylic on canvas_30x40_1200.jpg

ASHEVILLE — Check out a new exhibit with an abstract-impressionist take on landscapes at the Asheville Gallery of Art.

“Contemporary Vistas” features the modern landscape paintings Sally Lordeon, a self-described Abstract Impressionist. Lordeon captures familiar vistas in her unique style to celebrate the mountains and scenery from across the country, which are a constant source of inspiration for her work. From calm, serene landscapes to powerful, moving tableaux, Lordeon’s show pays special homage to the natural world.

Her modern interpretations of landscapes are nuanced and approachable, collecting just enough detail to suggest a landscape familiar to the viewer’s personal experience. She refrains from a photorealistic representation in favor of a more textured and ambiguous landscape that draws on the imagination to be fully realized.

The exhibit will be on display through April 30. Hours are 12-5 p.m. Thursdays-Sundays. or 828-251-5796. 82 Patton Ave., Asheville.