Jaime Byrd_Along The River No. 2_oil and cold wax_web.jpg

ASHEVILLE — Look at a painting, open an app and enter a world of movement and sound with an immersive art experience at Trackside Studios in Asheville’s River Arts District.

The show, called “Living Images,” features multimedia artist Jaime Byrd, who brings paintings to life with motion and sound.

With cutting-edge augmented reality technology, Byrd merges her impressive skills in filmmaking, animation, music and painting to enhance the viewer’s encounter with this new art form. She creates this immersive storytelling by combining her original paintings, sound designs, and films composed during her world travels.

Byrd creates her artwork in cold wax medium, oil paint, wood ash, sand and other materials, all chosen for their willingness to be transformed both in composition and texture as she digs back into the layers to reveal more color and light beneath the surfaces.

Bring your tablet or smartphone along with headphones for an optimal experience.

The show will run through the month of June at Trackside Studios, located at 375 Depot Street, Asheville.