ASHEVILLE — Asheville Gallery of Art opens with a new show this month, “Seeing in Color: Life on the Bright Side,” featuring the vibrant acrylic paintings of gallery artist Bee Adams.

The exhibit showcases the colorful artwork Adams is known for — saturated with optimism and bursting with sunny hues — and her whimsical spin on architecture.

“Buildings especially intrigue me and create a sense of place, community and story,” said Adams. “I become enchanted with a building, whether an iconic landmark or a simple barn, then once the dance of painting begins I really study the structure and shapes and the uniqueness of the building and have time to wonder at its purpose.”

Adams grew up in a home that celebrated and nurtured her artistic expression — her mother, grandmother and aunt were all artists themselves. Adams calls Asheville home, but spent a significant period of her adult art career in Colorado, inspired by the bold graphic mountains against the forever blue sky.

A stint in Brussels, Belgium, added another layer of artistic inspiration as she fell in love with European architecture. The ornate, colorfully roofed buildings all nestled together sparked an appreciation that would guide much of her later work.

Adams’ work will be on display all month long at the gallery. Located at 82 Patton Ave., Asheville.