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CULLOWHEE — The artistic works of Master of Fine Arts students at Western Carolina University are on exhibit at the WCU Fine Art Museum through May 7, surveying a range of conceptual themes and creative approaches within contemporary art practice.

The exhibit features the thesis work of four masters students:

• Perry Houlditch takes inspiration from plants and natural cycles in his watercolor works. His pieces use non-toxic pigments and plant-based materials that can be safely composted and returned to local ecological systems.

• Lydia See’s practice focuses on reinterpreting found, discarded, and archival materials. Her thesis project takes a critical look at housing and displacement, located outdoors, which uses a playhouse and other imagery of “home” to raise questions about housing access and policies.

• Mo Kessler’s works are deeply tied to a working-class identity. Through their sculpture and installation, they consider the problematic relationship between worth and wealth under capitalism.

• Lex Turnbull also creates forms that question societal assumptions, bringing together sculpture, printmaking, and video to explore notions of safety, boundaries, and power structures.

The Masters of Fine Arts program at the WCU School of Art & Design is an interdisciplinary studio art program and creative research environment where ideas are given form. Students develop a contextual and historical awareness of their practice focusing on exploration, creative research, and art making.

The Museum is located in the Bardo Arts Center at 199 Centennial Dr, Cullowhee. Open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Thursday until 7 p.m. Click here for more info.