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HENDERSONVILLE — Witness a live program by Asheville-based psychic and natural-born medium Anthony Mikolojeski at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 15, at The Center for Art and Entertainment in Hendersonville.

Mikolojeski first experienced his gifts as a child of five years of age.

His talents include various forms of clairvoyance and the ability to connect with the spirit world. He is also gifted in animal communication, receiving messages from pets from the spirit world, as well as pets that are still living.

Mikolojeski feels called to use his spiritual, psychic and medium powers to help others achieve peace, closure, healing and comfort. When honing his natural-born gifts, he studied with some of the world’s top mediums and at Arthur Findlay College to further his advanced education in mediumship.

Tickets are $49 a person and are sold in pods of two, three or four to ensure social distancing between parties. For tickets, click here.