So, how have you been staying sane during the past year of lockdown?

That’s the question The Magnetic Theatre asked one “quaranteam” of actors, and while it remains to be seen how much sanity they’ve maintained, the answer is, “Playing With Our Food!” Get ready for a weird, wild, hilarious feast of gustatory one-act plays selected, directed, and performed by Tabitha Judy, Strother Stingley, and Tippin.

Each taking turns at the directing trough, this “food group” of artists serves up a heaping helping of dark comedy, absurdity, and silliness in the course of four quirky short plays by playwrights from around the country. “Three Women and an Onion,” written by Ryan Bultrowicz, finds a Kafkaesque purgatory in an errant allium.

Evan Baughfman’s “The Last Beans in the Box” explores the secret lives of young wizards’ least favorite sweets. Jackie Martin’s “Cookies for Bethany” warns of the dangers of taking things that aren’t yours. And “37 Scenes, and a Watermelon,” by Ian Downes, asks the question, “Do they always cry so much?”

So, order some dinner, get comfy with your TV tray, and tuck in to this smorgasbord of tasty theatrical tidbits, delivered via live-stream direct to your living room!

Playing With Our Food runs March 18-27. Performances are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m., via YouTube. Tickets are $23 including taxes and fees, $20 for The Magnetic Theatre Members. For more information, please visit