Kids usually jump for joy when a snow day is announced, but for parents, the news tends to be somewhat less exciting. Here are a few things to have on hand should you end up staying home with your children during a snowstorm.

The right outdoor clothes: snow days are best spent outdoors, but your kids need to have all the right clothes so they won’t get too cold or too wet. Check that everyone in your household has winter jackets, snow pants and insulated, waterproof boots. Make sure to keep extra gloves, scarves and hats on hand; these items of clothing often end up disappearing while kids are off sledding and making snow forts.

Warm beverages: classic snow-day drinks like hot chocolate, peppermint tea or spiced apple cider will warm everyone up after a day out in the cold. On days when the weather’s too bad to go outside, hot beverages will help create a cozy atmosphere at home.

Arts and crafts supplies: art projects can be a great way to keep kids occupied on days when it’s too cold or snowy to play outdoors. Keep supplies like crayons, markers, paints and paper around so you can pull them out before anyone starts to complain about being bored.

Board games: board games are a classic way to spend snow days as a family. Getting children involved in a heated game of Monopoly, Risk or Chutes and Ladders will make the time pass quickly for all of you.

With these ideas in mind, you’ll be able to keep your kids entertained for hours on end, even during the snowiest of snow days.

Did you know?

The largest recorded snowfall in American history occurred in Sliver Lake, Colorado, on April 14, 1921. How much snow did the area near Boulder get? A whopping 75.8 inches — within just 24 hours!

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