Top 10 reasons to hit the slopes this winter

Need some motivation to break out your skis this season? Here are a few reasons why you should head to the hillside:

1. To appreciate winter — There’s nothing quite like winter sports to make you truly appreciate the colder months. You might even catch yourself wishing for a blizzard!

2. To spend quality time with family — Since skiing is accessible to people of all ages, it’s a perfect family sport.

3. To meet other enthusiasts — Mountaintops, chairlifts and chalets provide the perfect setting in which to share your passion and clever tricks with other skiers.

4. To take in the scenery — From breathtaking mountaintop views to frosty woodland scenes, skiing goes hand in hand with the wonders of nature.

5. To get some fresh air — Ski trips take you far from the city to take in that clean mountain air.

6. To unwind — The calmness, fresh air and wide-open spaces of the mountain are just what it takes to forget your everyday anxieties.

7. To challenge yourself — With trails suited for any skill, skiing is the perfect sport to test your limits. There’s nothing like the rush you get when you finally master that challenging slope!

8. To stay in shape — Spending the day on the slopes burns a significant amount of calories, helps strengthen your muscles (especially in your legs, thighs, arms and core), and improves your balance and agility.

9. To enjoy the après-ski — After a long day of skiing, reward yourself with the food, festive atmosphere and comfort of the cabin.

10. To have a blast — Above all else, skiing is just plain fun. It also provides an incredible sense of freedom. So what are you waiting for? Go get those skis!

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