A Christmas Carol

The Montford Moppets present ‘A Christmas Carol’

Hosted by The Montford Moppets and Montford Park Players, This year’s “A Christmas Carol” will be decidedly different, but three times the fun.

Created by the beloved Moppets themselves, this show is going to put a smile on your face that will last all the way through New Year’s Eve.

The Montford Moppets, Asheville’s only Continuing Shakespeare Summer Camp, are returning for the second straight year to bring you their delightful take on Dickens’ holiday classic.

Dynamic duo Ashleigh and Skyler Goff have asked the Teens their hot takes on the famous story, and what they’ve come up with will surely delight kids and their grown-ups alike.

Shows will be presented Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 5 p.m. from Dec, 13-22, with a special showing on Monday, Dec. 23.

The Saturday performances will be preceded (starting at 3 p.m.) by Montford Park Players’ Holiday Festival, featuring local food vendors and crafters, delicious baked goods, and many other surprises for the whole family.

Please note, that all of these festivities will be held on the grounds of the Hazel Robinson Amphitheatre and are outdoors. Although MPP will provide patio heaters, we ask that you dress very warmly and bring any items or drinks that will help your entire day be filled with warmth.

This free show will take place at 90 Gay St. in Asheville. For more information, visit https://www.montfordparkplayers.org/events/a-christmas-carol-2-2019-12-22/.

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