Man with binoculars at a forest

WAYNESVILLE — Preppers and back-to-the-landers will convene for three days of workshops on survival practices and self-sufficient living during the annual Heritage Life Skills convention May 21-23 at the Smoky Mountain Event Center.

There’s more than 120 workshop and speaker sessions to choose from over the course of the conference.

Surviving in the face of societal collapse is the main theme of the conference, with sessions on spring water systems, off-grid living, ham radio, knot tying, basic sewing and fire building.

The line-up also deals with safety and security issues that would face survivors of an apocalypse: like hardening your house, machete and stick use for self-defense, defending a five-mile radius, and psychological warfare.

There’s also plenty of sessions on setting up and stocking your bunker.

Other speaker topics simply cover handy homesteading skills like butter making, butchering, home and herbal remedies, blacksmithing and dutch oven cooking.

The conference is hosted by Carolina Readiness Supply, a Waynesville survival gear and supply store. Carolina Readiness brings in a host of experts and speakers to lead the weekend of workshops every year.

Keynote speakers — who are nationally renown in prepper circles — will give talks Friday and Saturday night: film producer David Womick behind the movie “Black Sky Event," and Jonathan Hollerman, author of Survival Theory: A Preparedness Guide and How to Survive the End of the World on a Budget.

Admission is $165 for the weekend or $85 per day.

Register soon so you can pick your selection of topics and workshops. Sign up at Carolina Readiness Supply’s website by clicking here.