Avocado Toast with Cherry Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

THE TOASTEST WITH THE MOSTEST — Avocado toast is an endlessly versatile way to enjoy healthy eating.

Let me start this column by saying, I never (ever) thought I’d be writing about avocado toast. And I never (ever) knew it was such a huge culinary craze.

I’m certainly not anti-avocado. I buy them weekly, usually singing their jingle under my breath — “Avocados from Mexico.”

My favorite ‘avos’ are the ‘baby ones’ that seem to ripen faster and work so well on salads.

Recently, I accidentally paired avocados with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, and my wife cleverly nestled her sliced avocados atop her toast, remarking, “Oh, Avocado Toast.”

She then “schooled me” about the popular trend to consume avocados on toast. Later that night, we found ourselves (quite by accident) watching an episode of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ show, “Fixer-Upper,” where avocado toast was a recurring, comical theme.

Holy Guacamole, this was a teachable moment for me, so I did online research on avocado toast. Here’s what I found.

According to the Urban Dictionary, avocado toast is so popular it enjoys nicknames like, “hipster toast,” “Millennial breakfast,” and the Australians have even coined their own slang name for it — “smavo” — short for smashed avocado.

Who knew?

My in-depth research on avocado toast turned up a popular definition for avocado toast:

A type of open sandwich or toast made with mashed avocado and salt, pepper, and citrus juice on toast. Potential additional ingredients that enhance the flavor are olive oil, hummus, red pepper flakes, feta, dukkah, tomato, and many other toppings.

Dukkah? What the fukkah! Is this another column in the making, or just another trendy spice blend?

Apparently you can put almost anything atop your toast and avocado, and ‘foodies’ in the San Francisco Bay area have been enjoying avocado toast since 1885. That’s even longer than their kids have been eating peanut butter and jelly toast. (Just sayin’)

Popular recipes for avocado toast include the addition of sliced tomatoes, sliced, cucumbers, soft-poached eggs, goat and/or fetta cheese and leafy herbs like cilantro, basil leaves and micro-greens.

As for the modern trend of avocado toast, none other than Gwyneth Paltrow has been credited to be behind the popularization of avocado toast. She wrote in her cookbook; (I didn’t even know she cooked.) “Truthfully, this is one ‘recipe’ both Julia (referring to her co-author, Julia Child) and I make and eat most often! And it’s not even a recipe.”

“It’s the holy trinity of vegan mayonnaise, avocado and salt that makes this like a favorite pair of jeans — so reliable and easy and always just what you want.”

I know what she means. I think I have some avocado on my favorite pair of jeans, too.

Better yet, eating avocado toast will help me to keep fitting into them.

Happy avocado eating.

Paul Viau is an award-winning creative director, with a 30-year career in advertising and marketing. Originally from Denver, Colorado, he met his wife, Carol, when they worked for rival advertising agencies in Miami, Florida. They became permanent residents of Haywood County in 2008 and reside in Waynesville.

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