“A taste of honey” — It’s been a movie, the title of a Beatles song and my longtime favorite sweetener. And right now, I am ecstatic, because I have found an artisanal honey that really is, “… tasting much sweeter than wine.”

Previously, I wrote about the importance of honey bees to agriculture, but agriculture has not been very good about reciprocating to the insect population. As a result, it’s hard to find honey that doesn’t contain a trace (or more) of Glyphosate — the active ingredient in Monsanto’s ‘killer herbicide’ Roundup.

But as luck would have it, this week — courtesy of Leap Frog Tours and Sean Collinsworth and Denise Altay, I got a taste of Killer Bees Honey, which just could be ‘the purest honey on the planet.’ 

Sean and Denise are the proud owners of a one-of-a-kind, mountain-top apiary, located high in the Pisgah Forest, at the pinnacle of Walnut Cove Mountain.

It’s isolated, to be sure. In fact, Killer Bees Honey Apiary is surrounded by 512,000 farm-free acres. As a result, Killer Bees Honey shows “NT” (no trace) of Glyphosate or any other harmful agrichemicals.

As another pleasant bonus, most of the trees surrounding the Killer Bees Honey Apiary, are Sourwood. So when the “lady aviators” (as the Altays call their honey bees) go out into the surrounding area, most of the nectar they bring back to the hives is from sourwood trees.

Sourwood honey is considered “the Champagne of honeys,” and to be called “sourwood honey,” the sourwood nectar content must be 41 percent or higher.

Killer Bees Classic Sourwood Blonde Honey is so uniquely monofloral, it has tested at 91 percent pure sourwood.

This honey is extra-light in color, with a distinct aromatic anise and spice bouquet and an incredibly long-lasting, buttery sweetness.  

On the Leap Frog Tour of the Killer Bees Honey Apiary, the Altays showcase their Classic Sourwood Blonde Honey paired with sparkling wine, baked pear, spicy scones various cheese selections and fresh-roasted pecans.

I like Killer Bees Honey atop my double-yolk-egg and Baileys Salted Caramel Brioche French toast — or better yet — straight from jar-to-mouth on a clean, plastic spoon.

One taste of Killer Bees Honey and you will be hooked on its freshness and purity.

Killer Bees Honey is available at www.KillerBeesHoney.com, and is featured in an expertly guided tasting on the Killer Bees Honey Tour, booked through www.LeapFrogTours.com.

Tasting Note: The honey tastes even better after you get to know the bees.

Paul Viau is an award-winning creative director, with a 30-year career in advertising and marketing. Originally from Denver, Colorado, he met his wife, Carol, when they worked for rival advertising agencies in Miami, Florida. They became permanent residents of Haywood County in 2008 and reside in Waynesville. 

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