Newberry and Verch

The Blue Ridge Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Milton Crotts presents “BRO Revels! 2018,” a unique winter celebration featuring internationally renowned traditional music duo Newberry & Verch, whose banjo-fiddle performances have excited audiences from Canada to California.

These concerts also showcase a host of Asheville music stars including Franklin Keel, Megan McConnell, Alex Watson, and Ryan Kijanka, along with dancer/vocalist Rebecca O'Quinn and the BRO Chamber Strings. Loaded with local and international talent, these concerts are packed with surprises.

Both Newberry & Verch became masters of their traditions and tour the world with their respective bands and projects. Yet they never forget the roots of their music, that connection to the people in the audience, on the dance floor, to the community sparked by a good song.

The brain child of Dr. Milton Crotts, this year’s Revels! integrates Newberry & Verch's traditional tunes with holiday revelry that runs the gamut from Messiah to Kenny Loggins. Franklin Keel will perform the violin solo in Vivaldi’s Winter on his cello, and the guitar solo from Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s ecstatic Christmas Eve Sarajevo on electric cello. Folk songs and traditional carols will be presented with a fresh and vivid perspective in this uniquely Asheville take on the winter holiday season.

The show will be held on Sunday, Jan. 13 at 5 p.m. in Lipinsky Auditorium, UNC Asheville (300 Library Lane). Tickets cost $$25. Call 782-3354 or visit

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