Mt. Joy

This Saturday, Oct. 3, Mt. Joy will be kicking off drive-in concerts at the Smoky Mountain Event Center (formerly known as the Haywood County Fairgrounds).

Chris Caldwell, manager of the Smoky Mountain Event Center, said Asheville Music Hall contacted about booking some drive-in shows since organizers were looking for a space large enough to fit plenty of cars as well as feature outdoor concerts.

“They had found us on the internet as an event center and wanted to come view the property,” Caldwell said. “After that, they thought that this was gonna be a good location.”

Caldwell said when looking for an ideal venue, Asheville Music Hall needed enough space for about 120 vehicles.

“They were looking for a location that was laid out correctly,” Caldwell said. “And since our property was terraced with several levels, and had access to the interstate, it made it closer for people to come. Plus, they needed a large enough venue that they could have the cars come in.”

The drive-in concept is brand new, but so far, the idea is looking to be a success as drive-in concerts hosted by the Grey Eagle in Maggie Valley are already selling out.

Caldwell said such large concert series will be a huge deal for the center and the county in general and is already bringing tourists to the area.

”We are one of the first new locations doing it,” Caldwell said. “I’m getting phone calls from two, three or four states from people wanting to know where they can spend the night.”

Vehicles will be parking at the Smoky Mountains Event Center this Saturday to enjoy a live show by Mt. Joy. The doors open at 6 p.m and the show is set to begin at 6:45 p.m.

Mt. Joy is a five-piece indie/folk rock band based in Los Angeles with roots in Philadelphia. They consist of members Matt Quinn (vocals, guitar), Sam Cooper (guitar), Sotiris Eliopoulos (drums), Jackie Miclau (keyboards), and Michael Byrnes (bass).

Tickets start at $150 per carload and can be purchased at

The event center is at 758 Crabtree Road in Waynesville.

Later on this month, Asheville Music Hall will be bringing even more concerts to the Smoky Mountain Event Center:

  • Oct. 7, Yonder Mountain String Band
  • Oct. 9, Papadosio
  • Oct. 10, Whitey Morgan and the 78s.
  • Oct. 24, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

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