Anything but Western. That’s how Linda Evans describes her Maggie Valley photo shoot location.

“We want it to be glam,” Evans said.

Beckoning back to the glamour shot trend, the newly-opened Linda’s Vintage Photo Shoots offers hundreds of curated vintage items to mix-and-match.

While the ultimate goal is to have a photo shoot with your girlfriends, with your family or even with yourself, part of the experience is coming into the store and playing dress up. With an estimated 400 outfits to choose from, Linda’s Vintage Photo Shoots has most styles covered. Vintage Hollywood glam? Check. Sultry and sexy? Check. Audrey Hepburn classy? Check.

The clothes are roughly divided by size, though Evans said that’s hard to do since sizing conventions have changed so much over the years. She does try to be size inclusive as much as possible, though, offering clothes size 18 and up.

“Some of these are from my personal collection,” Evans said. “Most of them are there because I loved them but didn’t know what to do with them.”

Evans’ love of vintage clothing started nearly 20 years ago when she decided to dress up as Lucille Ball for Halloween. It led her down a path she discovered she loved.

“I became addicted to vintage,” Evans said. “It became a passion.”

It made sense, too. Evans has always had a love of glitz and glam. She worked for a private airline for a long time, working with people who owned private jets.

As she said: “It was all very elegant, and I like elegant.”

Evans has collected vintage clothing all over, from Florida to the Cayman Islands to right here in Haywood County.

At Linda’s Vintage Photo Shoots you’ll find everything you need to make a complete outfit and transform yourself into a brand new person. There are accessories like purses, jewelry, wigs, and even lingerie for the more daring customer. Some of Evans’ favorite pieces are the hats — the bigger the better.

For Linda, offering photo shoots is the perfect way to share her collection with others.

“I didn’t know what I would do with them,” Evans said about all her special finds. “But I always knew it would be some sort of show.”

And show is what Evans is best at. On Jan. 13, the day of her grand opening and ribbon cutting, Evans transformed. One moment she was wearing a tracksuit, suitable for a busy day of arranging her shop. Then suddenly — heels, a dress, pearl earrings, a pearl necklace and to top it all off, a wig and a wide-brimmed hat.

Evans’ business partner Lorretta Bardo is dressed up in her finest, too. Bardo takes all the photos during the photo shoots. The goal is to be accessible — provide digital photos for people to get printed how and when they want.

Although Bardo’s background is in pet grooming, she’s had a knack for photography and would often take photos of dogs she was grooming before and after bathtime. That’s how she and Evans met.

Bardo visited Evans for an in-house grooming appointment and saw all the clothes, everywhere. She was struck by it all, and when Evans asked if Bardo wanted to join in on her business venture, Bardo said yes.

Although it’s only the first week of business, Evans and Bardo have their eyes set on all the opportunities that their business could offer. One potential is “whodunit” parties, where a group of 6-8 work to solve a mystery. Each member of the group would dress up and embody a certain character. They would also get clues to narrow down the perpetrator.

But no matter what direction the business takes in the long term, this is Evans’ way of giving back after decades of collecting pieces.

“This is my dream,” said Evans. “I want it to be fabulous and for people to enjoy it as much as we do.”

Linda’s Vintage Photo Shoots is located at 2777 SoCo Road in Maggie Valley. It is open by appointment only. Call 828-400-4896 for availability.