CLYDE — Upcoming workshops on making your own knife sheath, tomahawk or knife blade will be held at Haywood Community College this summer.

• Knife Sheath Class: all day June 26-27

In this 2-day class, students will construct a knife sheath, with materials and supplies will be provided to make a finished knife sheath. Cost is $169. Register by June 11.

• Tomahawk Class: all day July 16-18

In this 3-day class, students will learn how to construct a Tomahawk, including handle, material selection, and forging techniques. Materials and supplies will be provided.

Cost is $248. Register by July 2.

• Introduction to Bladesmithing: all day July 26-August 6

In this 10-day class for beginning knifemakers, students will learn metal selection, blade function and different blade design, hand forging to shape, normalizing, heat treating, grinding and tempering.

Taught by an American Bladesmith Association Certified Master Bladesmith.

Cost is $1,120. Register by July 5.